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About Us

Student Career Development Centre (SCDC) TAR UMT is a hub for personal and career development.  At SCDC, we believe that everyone is unique and we assist students in achieving their natural best. 

SCDC established in 2018, August 28 and our new office was built. We are certified by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and also partners in training by the National Career Development Centre Association (NACDA).

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SCDC Introduction Video

What does SCDC do?

Student Career Development Centre (SCDC) TAR UMT is a hub for personal and career development.

We provide career advisory services for our students and also serve as the bridge between students and industries. We assist students with their careers and development. We handle things related to career or students' general development, internally and externally. If you have trouble finding the right course or career path, we're here to help as much as we can as a reference for you.

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Where is SCDC located?

Student Career Development Centre (SCDC) is located at level 1 of the Department of Student Affairs, TAR UMT. You can head up the stairs and you would spot our logo at the end of the corridor. It's fine to just walk in and approach us if you want to enquire about anything. We may be quite busy, but we are still friendly! It's also an open office, so remember to keep the noise down if you're using the open space.

Who are we?

We are Career Advisory Specialists that comprises of professional staff with NCDA Certified Career Service Provider CCSP (we are the first in Malaysia), Leonard Personality Inventory (LPI), and LPI Career Tools. 

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