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TAR UC x SENHENG Talent Development Program

Students picked from faculties were invited to attend the sponsored training carreid out by SH Retail Academy, while being fully sponsored by Senheng. Students got the chance to learn about retail, confidence, critical soft skills and more.

Post Pandemic World: What Does This Mean to Me?

Mr Lau Seng Yee (SY Lau), former senior executive of Tencent Group shared his experiences about economics, geopolitics and how can we better prepare for our career and life views after the students graduate.  

How to Land Your First Job Workshop by UOA Group

Students learned on how to improve their confidence and also the skills and characteristics needed to ace and land their first job. Speaker Mr. Aqmal Fikri shared with the students his experience and tips on what to expect for the upcoming workforce.

Excellence Guide In Resume Writing & Job Application Workshop by eShopLive / ePheeLive

Participants gained the experience to real-life skills on resume writing and knowledge about job application platforms. They also learned tips & tricks on how to highlight their strengths and get their resume seen by employers.

Grooming Session and Resume Makeover by PERKESO

A grooming class led by Mr. Gajendra covered how to improve one's presentation and personal look as well as how to update the resume that highlights one's experiences and professional skills to boost one's chances of landing a job.

SKYWORLD Industrial Visit

Agenda of students involves Sales Gallery Visit, Quality Centre Visit, SkyBlox Visit, STAR Program Briefing, Project Visit 

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