Open Day 

Welcome to TAR UMT! We are here to assist you in your career doubts and open up doors for your future pathway.

Career Guidance for Open Days

If you're here for the chat with our career advisors, please follow the below steps starting with the registration and assessment (online or on paper) and show the scores later during the session. After the session, please fill up the feedback form accordingly with your scoring.

Step 1

There's a long way ahead, so we encourage you to go through the program outline in your interested programs. Just head to our official website here and choose the courses you're interested in, then click "program outline".

In the outline, see whether the subjects are suitable and interesting for you. Try to find thsoe that pique your interest.

It's important to ask yourself why you want to study what you want to get  a clearer picture.

Anyway, life is all about challenges! Sometimes, there's no perfect answer.

The RIASEC Model

NEW Career Guidance Video (1).mp4

Take a look at our interpretation of the RIASEC assessment and have a self-directed career guidance session!

You may still meet any of our career advisors later on.

Find out what courses are available and the program outline, prospects and more at our UMT website here!

If you want to have a more in-depth session/ have it during weekdays, please click here.