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RIASEC Assessment
a.k.a Holland's Code (Holland 职业代码)

The Holland Occupational Themes is a theory of personality that focuses on career and vocational choice. It groups people on the basis of their suitability for six different categories of occupations. 

What Are Vocational Interests?

 Vocational interests are trait-like preferences for activities, environments, or outcomes that motivate goal-oriented behavior (Rounds & Su, 2014). More simply, interests describe what people like to do and where they like to focus their attention and effort. Vocational interests are a unique psychological variable in that they are directly contextualized to work and educational environments. By asking what people like to do, interest assessments capture the degree of fit between a person’s interests and the characteristics of different environments. This concept—person-environment fit—explains why interests are a powerful predictor of the choices people make throughout their careers and whether they are successful (Su, Stoll, & Rounds, 2018). 

Why take the Interest Profiler (IP)?

Career decision-making The Interest Profiler can be used to inform a variety of career decisions that people face across the life span. For example, high school students must choose whether to attend college, complete vocational training, or enter the labor market. College students must decide on a field of study and job to pursue after graduation. Adults at all ages face career decisions such as whether to leave an organization or pursue a second career. Because these decisions have a major impact on people’s quality of life, they should be as well-informed as possible. The IP can provide useful direction and guidance for individuals making career decisions. Research shows that interest fit is a strong predictor of several aspects of career success, including job performance, income, and occupational prestige (Neumann, Olitsky, & Robbins, 2009; Nye et al., 2017; Rounds & Su, 2014). Of course, interest fit is one consideration among several others that determine how successful people are in their careers. Clients are encouraged to use the IP in tandem with other assessments (e.g., values and abilities) when making career decisions. 

Extracted from https://www.onetcenter.org/dl_files/IP_Manual.pdf

The RIASEC Model

Take a look at our interpretation of the RIASEC assessment and have a self-directed career guidance session!

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