Career Fairs @ TARUMT

About Career / Internship Fairs

Every year, the Student Career Development Centre (SCDC) and the Career Guidance Society (CGS) will organize Internship and Career Fairs for graduating or final year students to search for related internships and jobs. Different fairs will be held throughout the year targeting different objectives. It is also open to all graduates and alumni.  

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Committees and Crews of the Career / Internship Fair

Every fair, a committee team is formed to assist in the planning and execution of the event. They consist of different teams such as program, publicity and logistics. Expect to meet new people from around the campus and also maybe branch campuses in the future! 

Join us as a Committee/crew for the upcoming fair!

Event Date:  20-22  March  2024 (fundraising)  +  3-5 April 2024 (HCIF)
Commitment Period: 28th January - 19 April 2024

As a committee, you would be eligible for softskills/GA points and a certificate as an acknowledgement of your service. Being a committee of HCIF would also mean representing the university as the event involves multiple parties including external companies. This event consists of (1) pre-event and (1) Career Fair. 

Interview Period: 8th - 19th January
Result Released: 24th - 26th January

Committee / crew application form