Mr Harry Goh

Mr Harry is our Deputy Director of DSA. He is a Certified Career Service Provider (CCSP) and possess vast knowledge of different industries, including his experience in different countries.  You may catch him during open days!

Ms Kanimoli

Ms Kani is also a Certified Career Service Provider (CCSP) with more than 10 years of experience in the field. She is kind and very informative in various sectors and pathways. Being a motherly figure, Ms Kani shares very honest yet helpful tips that would definitely aid you in your career.

Ms Loshene

Ms Loshene is a pro when it comes to excelling in your career. With her tips and pathway guides, expect to open up your mind and upskill yourself. Losh has experience in the corporate sector and is expanding her knowledge in the field of I/O psychology.

Mr Lo Wei Chern

Wei Chern is well-equipped in understanding students' mindset and the new trends. Be prepared to explore on the optimum way of achieving your goals as he always aims to bring out the natural best in people. Wei Chern is able to converse in both English and Chinese fleuntly. Get to know more about him via Linkedin

Ms Heng Leng Xuan

Leng Xuan is our newest addition to the team. She is a detailed-oriented person and always strives to create a best plan for everything. Expect to gain insights on how you can draft a detailed and measurable plan! Leng Xuan has also an interest in health psychology, and can also converse in both English and Chinese.